Marietta Broken Pipe

Water Damage Caused by Broken Pipes

If your home or business has a broken or burst pipe, water damage should be one of your biggest concerns. Even a smaller leak can do tons of damage in a short amount of time. The fact is that most plumbers can repair your broken pipes in an emergency, but they don’t have the skills or equipment to restore extensive water damage. At D.O.N.E. Restoration, Inc., our Marietta broken pipe restoration team can accurately assess the damage caused by your burst or leak and restore your property without the risk of damage or mold.

Not sure if your broken pipe resulted in water damage? We can assess!

What to Do If You Have a Broken Pipe

If you find your home or business flooded with water, the natural reaction might be to panic. However, keeping a level head and completing the following steps can help you ensure that the damage caused by a broken pipe is minimal.

Follow these steps to protect your home from water damage caused by a broken pipe:

  • First, turn off the water source to stop the flow of water. You want to stop the amount of water that can damage your property. Letting the water run could cause even more damage.
  • Second, turn off the electrical power to the section of your home or business that is flooded. This is for your safety since the risk of electrocution can increase.
  • Third, call a professional. A plumber can repair your pipes, but only a professional Marietta broken pipe water damage team can restore your property.

You can make the restoration process easier by starting to dehumidify your home as soon as possible. Open up as many windows as you can and turn on your fans to let the moisture out of your home. It is also a good idea to take pictures of all the damaged and flooded areas. This is important for when you go to file an insurance claim. Documenting the extent of the damage can help ensure you secure the financial restitution you need for repairs.

Why Hiring a Professional Restoration Team Is Important

Not every job can be handled by a plumber. When it comes the safety of your family and the structural integrity of your home or business, it is essential to hire a qualified and knowledgeable water damage restoration company. At D.O.N.E. Restoration, Inc., our staff has a thorough understanding of the damage caused by leaking or broken pipes. We know what to look for and how to fix it.

Our Marietta broken pipe water damage experts can fix and identify:

Water damage is not a matter that should be taken lightly. If you have recently had a broken pipe, it is essential to have our team assess the damage and restore your property. Don’t wait a second longer to secure our services.

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  • Immediate response time
  • Stabilizing the area
  • Initiating the plan of action
  • Ensuring needs are being met


  • Meet to discuss response
  • Survey customer satisfaction level
  • Adjust plans accordingly
  • Schedule additional education
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